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Project Objective

The Langley Concrete Group has been supplying British Columbia with precast concrete solutions for over sixty years. They produce a variety of dry and wet cast concrete drainage products for the construction of underground infrastructure. These products include pipe, manhole, box culvert, catch basins, headwalls, vaults, oil interceptors, Stone Strong, Stormceptor, Jellyfish Filter and Filterra.

The Langley Concrete Group is continually updating their Price List and wanted to produce a full colour Price Book Catalogue designed in InDesign that will be linked to their Excel Price List. The new Price Book Catalogue will be easy to update and well-designed to go with Langley Concrete Group’s newly designed website. The final book will be available to customers online, but there may be a need to print a few Price List Catalogues.

Key Audience

The key audience is contractors, developers and architects in British Columbia.

Design Solution

The sales team has been using a Word document to sell the products and have been anticipating the newly designed Price Book. The Price book was designed with plenty of white space and even shading in the tables with a highlight of red to make the headers stand out and the product information easy to read.

Red, black and grey colour scheme was used because it is inherently aesthetically powerful, with red’s association with life and fire, and black and grey’s dark, grounding force. The balance of the three classic colors, red, black and grey, was used throughout the Price Book to show the strength of the concrete, and a background to showcase the products that Langley Concrete provides.

The main concern with the current price list was that there was too much information on each page. The multitude of facts took away from the products and prices. The technical information had to be reduced and organized into smaller bits of information. There were many instances where the information was repeated, and this information was pulled out and put on a separate page.

The table styles were designed for ease of creating each table. The product information was transferred from the original Excel table to the InDesign file. Once the prices were approved, a data merge was performed to link the InDesign files and the Excel sheet. Now, in the future, when the Excel prices are updated, they will also be updated in the InDesign file.

The Price Book will be mainly used as a PDF file with a linked Table of Contents, and links throughout the PDF go to pages that help in describing the products.

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