Project Objective

CABE is a national organization of business economists that hosts conferences and webinars on economic trends, research and policy issues. It also provides salary information, job notices, mentoring and professional development. CABE would like to promote their organization, build awareness with a goal of encouraging young economists to join as members. They offer non-partisan, high quality information that is relevant and are the best source for networking, mentoring and job notices.

CABE is well known in the industry, but they are seen as outdated and are having difficulty retaining young people. Young people don’t see the value in attending a meeting in person vs finding info on-line. Young people often join to network to help find a job but don’t stay once they have a position.

Key Audience

The key audience is non-academic economists working as an economist or related field. A range of people attend their conferences, including Chief Economist to entry-level economists. CABE conferences cater to established members, but the webinars and professional development opportunities focus on younger economists. CABE wants to encourage networking so young economists can get to know more senior economists in the field.

Design Solution

With screen resolution, camera quality and technology growing more complex, the design was simplified to flat design. Flat design is constructed from geometric shapes with simple sans-serif typography. The new CABE colour palette, introduces a more fantastical element to the style by adding gradients and saturated colour and becomes a delightful experience for users.

The younger generation is hyper-connected and enjoy self-expression. Red symbolizes strength and confidence while teal combines the calming properties of blue with the renewal qualities of green. The combination will connect the younger audience with the community and the environment and eventually form a sense of belonging with CABE.

The brand elements were used to develop supporting material such as social media banners, PowerPoint template, letterhead, eSignatures and the Salary Survey.

Guidelines were created to maintain a consistent look and feel for CABE to establish the brand, create awareness and build recognition for the organization. The website developers easily took the updated brand with the colour palette of calming blue and renewal green gradation to draw the audience in while the accent red leads the audience to where they want them to go with the call-to-action buttons.


Branding & Graphic Design